Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Earth vs. World

There is a huge difference between the Earth & the World. I see the Earth as a preexisting structure, that has absolutely nothing to do with us at all whatsoever, as the World is what we move in day to day. For the fun of it, lets lay out the differences between the two.

The World- My Rant!

I've heard different slogans concerning this world in which we live over the years, not unlike anyone probably has. The world is what we make of it is a good one. He's got the whole world in his hands is another. The world is your playground. One World, One Dream, was used for the 2008 Olympics. We are the world is one we hear allot about lately. The list goes on.

I've been around for a little while now & have had ample opportunity to try to make the best out of this little piece of world that has been bestowed upon me. After reflecting over the trials & errors of everyday life I have realized one thing. This world sucks! Unfortunately it sucks really bad. Now don't think that it's just me being negative because this world sucks So bad people have been trying to change it for years.

I've found that the more realistic sayings concerning the world are usually more unpleasant. It's a cruel world is probably the most accurate. Mad at the world is one you hear when someone is pissed off at everything. The term Worldly pleasures are usually matched with guilty pleasures or sinful pleasures.

The New World Order you use to hear all kinds of weird things about. Now if there isn't a problem with the old one, why would we need a new one? One step further, what about the word new equals better? Nothing! One could call it Same World Order with Different Rules & run the risk of being a bit more realistic.

The Earth- My Observation

Enough about the world, on to the Earth. To avoid religious debate & arguments of that nature, I'll stick to what we know concerning the Earth. What I mean by that is to describe the details that are measurable to everyone.

The Earth was first, pre-us. We didn't make it up or create it. Religiously & scientifically it's agreed that we had nothing to do with it. There isn't anybody left that thinks otherwise, after they were picked up by their alien earth creators back in the year 2000. After their abduction, who came first has become a non debatable issue.

The Earth is a calm peaceful place during conditions of balance. When out of balance, it spares nothing. Life & death happens on the Earth without it's recognition or concern. We just happen to be here. When the Earth wants to do something, it does it.

The Earth has no judgment concerning good/bad places or actions. Anything good or bad comes from the set of rules we live by. Nothing else.

-Between the Two-

As touched on at the beginning of this, the world is what we live in, the Earth is what we live on. The world requires us to continue, the Earth does not. The world is a place where everything is driven by money, emotion, situations, laws, consequences, & intentions both for good & for ill. The Earth is neutral, needing nothing more than what it has, & doing no more than what it must to continue.

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  1. Indeed; good rant. The earth is a biosphere, in my estimation. And you skillfully dodged the religious debate of the origins of the world by remaining neutral and ambiguous. Again; well done.


  2. before reading the article my thoughts and thinking about the were reciprocal to those that have been written here. Please try to use simple English. Thanks.

  3. Brilliant post! another thing to think about.

  4. Thank you for sharing your view of the world, it makes sense to me. This world is like a classroom, where all we can do is learn, if we open our eyes that is! Check out my blog, more to come! :)