Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day of the Shoe

One day I woke up late for work. Well, later than I wanted too. At the time, I woke up giving myself time to get ready & leave. Nothing more. My position at the time was more of an office job, where I had to dress appropriately. Have you ever noticed that it takes allot longer to get ready for work in an office position as opposed to working out in the shop? There's something to be said for that. Anyways, I ran about the place struggling to get ready before my regularly scheduled departure.

Success! I was ready & out the door just in time so that I could get gas for my daily 1.5 hour commute to work. There was a gas station about 30 minutes away, & I had just enough fuel to get me there.Time goes by & there I am running into the station (cash customer, not card) to pay before I pump.

As the gas was draining into my tank, I was reflecting on my hectic morning & happy at my progress thus far. I nonchalantly look down to my feet, & all happiness had left me. To my horror, in my haste to get out the door on time, I had put on two different style shoes! Not even the same color! I remember my first thought,"I hope nobody noticed." Second thought,"I hope nobody is noticing right now!" I bashfully look around, everybody's doing their own thing. Embarrassing yes. But for that moment I was in the clear.

Now, I know what I did to deal with the situation. There are really only two options that are realistic in a situation like this.

a. Take the 30 minute ride back home while trying to come up with an elaborate excuse for being late? For myself, being late is never a good thing. If you have ever heard things said about late people amongst peers in the workplace, you know what I'm talking about. Never mind the awkward first run in with the boss!

b. Suck it up & not throw all the effort into making it this far for nothing. One might say, so what if you are wearing two style shoes? Well, on it's face that's true. So what? But reality dictates that you will catch hell all day from everyone at work for that entire day & days to come. In a position where you may need to be taken seriously, that could really be a deterrent.

Like I said, I know what I did to deal with it. What would you do?

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  1. So what did you do??? Very curious, you can't just leave a reader hanging!!!

  2. What was your excuse for being late??? hehe....I probably would have done the very same thing!

  3. Well I would go back and change. I'd call and tell them I'd be late. Otherwise ALL DAY LONG people are going to ask about your feet.....uh, your shoes. I don't care what they think but they, (the folks not the shoes) would distract me.


  4. Edit!!!!
    Typing too fast.

  5. nice...well I definitely enjoyed that post. unfortunately people are way too judgmental and first impressions are key so I would have journeyed back, driving like Vin Diesel in "The Fast and Furious", to change.

  6. I would have just sucked it up and wore the mismatched shoes. Unless, of course, my job was one that required me to look highly presentable or my boss had no sense of humor or something.

    I seem to be rather unique in that choice, though!


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  7. I once wore two different styles of black boot with my trouser suit to work one day. One had a slightly higher heel.

    I remember walking down the corridor and wondering why my balance seemed off and even wondered whether I might have middle ear infection or something.

    I finally worked it out when I sat down to have a wee.

    I said nothing and stayed at work - no-one else noticed. Hurrah!