Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Battery Operated Vehicles

If you are buying the new Chevy Volt in 2010, you aren't going to have to burn a drop of gas within a 40 mile area! When using gas, you could be able to travel at over 200mpg! That being said, if you have the $40,000 to go out & get a new car, or can afford the monthly payments for it, what the hell are you worried about the price of gas for? I understand emissions & pollution & things of that nature, but what good will it do if 12 people are driving them? On the other hand what if everybody drove them? Millions of these things plugged in over night, every night. Our dependency on electricity is bad enough! If we all had electric cars, the electric companies would be our new masters, replacing the devil we know, petrol.
I bet nobody thinks of that over this topic. How about your neighbor banging at your door 6 in the morning, asking if he can plug his car in on your outlet because his power was shut off due to not being able to make his monthly payment. He just wants to plug in long enough to be able to get to work. Give me a car that will get 200+ miles per gallon for 6,500 bucks & I'll shut up.

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  1. What good will it do if only twelve people are driving them? Well, you've got to start somewhere.